Meet Commander Adams

commander E. Adams

In (1995) Mrs. Elizabeth Adams became director of a youth orientated ministry called True Vine Cadets for Christ. The cadets performed at various churches, centers for troubled youth, nursing homes, and other organizations as a form of witnessing. In the summer of (1998) Mrs. Adams was blessed to become Commander of a ministry known as True Vine Boot Camp, she later became director of True Vine Youth Ministries and served faithfully in each ministry until 2010. These ministries were under the awesome leadership of Sr. Pastor F. L. Wilson.

June 2011 Operation Truth Boot Camp was formed. With the help of our God and many devoted staff members, The Oklahoma Highway Patrol and some of our local Judges, this ministry has grown. Many youth have been encouraged by OTBC. We have seen our cadets benefit spiritually, and develop individually as well as collectively because of the impact of this ministry.

Operation Truth Boot Camp serves as a form of prevention and intervention, and we have seen great results. Our goal is to discourage negative behavior before it became a reality in the lives of our youth, and to reinforce the positive. Boot Camp is designed to encourage Bible Study, instill discipline, self-respect, respect for authority, and patriotism. In our rap sessions we discuss topics such as, gang violence, bulling, peer pressure, drug abuse, good study habits, abstinence, internet predators, and much more, our rap sessions are age appropriate. We have customs, courtesies, and drill movements; we also have tutoring in reading and math.
We offer Operation Truth Boot Camp Phase II – A Parent awareness Session.

June 2011 ~ 2012 OTBC served at St. John Missionary Baptist Church where Dr. M. L. Jemison is the Pastor.

June 2013 OTBC served at the Church Of The Living God Temple 355 – where Elmer L. Gabriel is the Pastor.

June 2014 OTBC served at Cleaves Memorial CME Church, where Pastor Paul D. Everett was Presiding Elder. This year camp will be held in the same location 1609 NE 48th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73111 where Pastor James L. Dunbar is Presiding Elder, Oklahoma City District.


The name was changed in 2011, we prayerfully selected, OPERATION TRUTH BOOT CAMP.

Operation – The supervising, monitoring, and coordinating of the activities of a military or civilian organization,

Truth – GOD,

Boot Camp – Training session or course.

Our ultimate goal and desire is to present the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are soldiers for Christ and are joined together with this purpose in mind: TO SERVE THE LORD AND BLESS HIS CHILDREN.

Soldier: A soldier is one who works zealously for a specified cause; our cause is for Christ to be glorified.Ephesians 6:12-18